4 times finalist at IdejaX 2022

At this year’s creative communications competition – IdejaX 2022, as many as 4 of our projects were selected as finalists

At this year’s creative communications competition – IdejaX 2021, our design projects FjoriFor bio spices and ZDL 3D brochure were selected as finalists in the “Best of Ad-Making – Design” group, and the Kaštel Slanica rebranding and rebranding projects of the Association for Creative Social Work in the ” Best Branding & Rebranding – Rebranding”.

IdejaX is a national creativity competition where agencies have been successfully competing with their creative ideas for 12 years, and this year too, agencies were able to compete in three groups of categories: I. Best on Market; II. Best of Ad-Making and III. Best Branding & Rebranding.

Congratulations to all colleagues with selected projects!

The announcement of the best among the finalists and the award ceremony, at the new edition of Communication Day, will take place on April 2 in the main hall of the Lone Hotel in Rovinj.

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