Creating Slast&Mast illustrations

From the series of posts about the design process – we present how the Slast&Mast illustrations were created and why they were integrated into the identity in this way

Slast&Mast is a new brand of meat products that offers high-quality fresh meat, such as aged steaks, sausages, and traditional meat products, with shared values of natural quality and organic, free-range, and natural farming.

The identity is conceived through a combination of classic-style illustrations, strong typography, and a color palette. Original illustrations of specific animal species were commissioned from American artist and illustrator Sarah Petkus.

After approving the conceptual solution for the identity and the direction in which we envisioned the illustration, an illustrator was selected to collaborate on the project. In collaboration with the client, photographs of animals were chosen, representing specific breeds raised for these meat products (e.g., the Istrian pig of the Mangulica breed). Subsequently, in collaboration with the illustrator, pencil sketches were first made to define the position of the head, eye height, and sizes of other elements in the composition, as well as the proportional sizes of illustrations of different animals, etc. The illustrator then created original illustrations, hand-drawn on paper, in enlarged dimensions (on A3 format). Afterward, they were scanned, reduced to the required size, further processed for use in design, and integrated into the identity.

The emphasis on the identity, the red tongue, conveys the main value of the brand (tasty/delicious / ‘finger-licking good’) and is integrated into the connecting letter mark (ampersand) and added to the animal illustrations.

The graphic addition of tongues to animal illustrations – animals licking themselves – communicates that they are also well-fed, which, together with the quality of their life during breeding, has the most impact on the quality of their meat. If you eat meat, join the Slast&Mast philosophy in promoting the breeding of happy animals, a traditional and healthy way of free-range farming, and the natural quality of organic food.

Check out the presentation of the entire Slast&Mast project here.