CroPak 2018 for BITE ART packaging

Design Bureau Izvorka Jurić awarded the CroPak 2018 prize for the design of BITE ART packaging

Yesterday, the CroPak 2018 award for the BITE ART packaging design arrived at Design Bureau Izvorka Jurić after the ceremonial presentation at the Sheraton.

The CroPak award is given annually to the best packaging in the Croatian market. The competition aims to highlight the significance and benefits of packaging as an essential means of product protection, promotion, and identification, as well as to motivate packaging manufacturers and users to expand the technical, technological, and qualitative boundaries in packaging considerations, an integral part of the product. CroPak also aims to emphasize the necessity of qualitative progress in considering the visual identity of packaging, graphic and industrial design, the environmental properties of packaging, and the overall contribution to environmental protection in terms of packaging management and waste.

Thanks to the Tectus company for organizing the FEST.A CROPAK festival for 15 consecutive years, thanks to the jury for the award, and thanks to our wonderful client Ana Šerić and BITE ART.

Project BITEART.