D-blog interview: A good designer must have a good sense of humor

Check out our interview with Boba Blašković for D-blog – blog about design matters and the beautiful side of life

Here is the opening excerpt of the interview titled A good designer must have a good sense of humor:


“Izvorka Jurić and Jurica Kos have formed Dig – a new design studio on the international design scene. On this occasion, we talked about everything, including what they would do if they weren’t designers.

Dig means to understand, comprehend, like, support… but also to dig. To dig the right strategy. Exactly what Design Bureau Izvorka Jurić has been doing for the past 25 years, enabling it to win around 50 international and domestic awards. Red Dot, Pentawards, Ed-Awards, and Graphis awards are just some of the accolades, and their works have been featured in prestigious magazines such as Monocle, I.D., Print, Novum, and The Dieline.

However, a change has come. Design Bureau Izvorka Jurić has recently been renamed Dig studio to be more adaptable to the international audience, and the news is that Jurica Kos, Izvorka’s longtime collaborator, has become a partner in the office. All of this is an excellent reason for a conversation…”


Thanks a ton, Boba and D-blog. Discussing and sharing insights was truly enjoyable.

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