Dig studio is the new name of Design Bureau Izvorka Jurić

From four words to three letters!

Dig studio is our new name, and we have now become a truly international studio. In addition to its slang meaning, where the verb ‘dig’ signifies liking, understanding, or supporting something, it also alludes to the act of excavation. It is thanks to our in-depth exploration of the right strategies and branding that, over the course of 25 years, our studio has garnered around 50 international and domestic awards. Among them, the most notable include multiple Red Dot, Pentawards, Ed-Awards, and Graphis awards, along with publications in prestigious magazines such as Monocle, I.D., Print, Novum, and The Dieline.

The primary reasons for our rebranding are related to our studio’s positioning on the international stage. We aim to adopt a name that is more accessible to the companies we collaborate with and to underscore our competitive advantages, which revolve around creating innovative design solutions tailored to our client’s specific needs.

Over the past few years, we have undertaken a growing number of projects for international companies. Notable examples include collaborations with London’s restaurant chain Ceru, French food supplement manufacturer Greenwhey, Dutch agronomy brokers Planture, Dutch plant-based food brand Next Level Naturals, and various pet food brands associated with Pet Network International.

Presently, Dig studio is under the leadership of Izvorka Jurić and Jurica Kos, whose design partnership has flourished through long-term cooperation.

Izvorka, with her extensive experience in design and visual communications, particularly in branding and packaging design, formed a partnership with the young and talented designer Jurica Kos. Over the past five years, Jurica has made significant contributions to the studio’s project portfolio, culminating in the success of this unique collaboration between two distinctive designers and the establishment of Dig studio.

Photo by Mladen Šarić.