Fjori Fôra gift packaging

Check out the new Fjori Fôra gift packaging and organic spices in sachets

Fjori Fôra products are also available as unique corporate gifts, made to order. You can choose from individual gift packages with extra virgin olive oil and organic spices or gift sets with multiple products, which can be customized to the preferences and needs of the client.

The individual packaging of selected Fjori Fôra spices, in a specially designed box with space for a dedication, is an excellent choice as a small business gift or a thoughtful gesture for a loved one.

The gift packaging of extra virgin olive oil is a mildly spicy, thick, fragrant, and savory liquid, and its golden drops will enhance every culinary process, turning every dish into a little masterpiece.

The gift set comes in a high-quality textile bag with the company’s logo on a personalized card (compliments card). Thanks to a specially designed holder, the bag’s contents are modular and can be customized – for example, it can contain olive oil in combination with 4 or 8 spice boxes.

Part of the Fjori Fôra bio spice product line is now available in smaller packaging, in 5-gram sachets.