HDD interview: Shared vision and humor as the foundations of Dig studio

Check out our interview with Ora Mušćet for HDD – Croatian Designers Association

Here is the opening excerpt of the interview titled IZVORKA JURIĆ & JURICA KOS: Shared vision and humor as the foundations of Dig Studio:

“In a new interview, we present two design partners, Izvorka Jurić and Jurica Kosa, who have now seriously turned the well-known Design Bureau Izvorka Jurić towards foreign waters. They bring us the story of some of the most significant projects and new plans for Dig studio. In addition to the rebranding of the studio, the upcoming retrospective exhibition “Design Bureau Izvorka Jurić – Design from the shelf”, which will be held in the Gallery of the Croatian Design Society in 2024, also served as a reason for our conversation. Read more about the Dig team, who describe themselves as a simple, witty, and innovative studio with strong experience in design, creative communication, and brand building, below.”


A big thank you to the HDD. It was truly a pleasure to discuss and share our insights with the Croatian design audience.

Read the full interview at dizajn.hr