Izvorka Jurić participated in the international PACKTEC conference in Tunisia

Izvorka Jurić participated in the international PACKTEC conference “Packaging Days” in Tunisia, where she spoke about eco-design and sustainable packaging

The Technical Center for Packaging and the organization PACKTEC, under the auspices of the Ministries of Industry and Small and Medium Enterprises, organized the “Packaging Days” in November 2019 in Tunisia. With the theme “Packaging Innovations and Circular Economy: Challenges and Perspectives,” the conference featured international experts in the development of packaging and packaging materials. Additionally, the conference included B2B meetings between companies in the packaging and printing industry.

This conference provided an opportunity for the exchange of global perspectives on trends and innovations related to various materials and packaging systems in line with contemporary industry standards and compliance with regulatory and environmental constraints governing different markets.

In her presentation titled “From Eco-design to Recycling: How to Implement an Environmentally Responsible Approach from the Design Phase”, Izvorka Jurić spoke about implementing sustainable design across three areas: strategically, whether in business, development, or production strategy; in the product and packaging design phase; and in branding and product communication.

The conference provided an opportunity to address the main challenges faced by packaging manufacturers and users, encouraging investment in packaging innovations, ensuring economic profitability, and working on product optimization without compromising the environment.

There were discussions on technological and scientific advancements in packaging materials, European regulations on food and pharmaceutical packaging systems, the development of various printing techniques, packaging evolution, digital printing, and adapting packaging to new e-commerce imperatives.

During the conference, there was a significant focus on the circular economy and the development of new technologies and packaging materials aimed at reducing the environmental impact of this industry. Discussions also revolved around regulations that could encourage or expedite these changes.

Experts from multinational organizations participated, including L’Oréal, Pierre Fabre, Poulina Group, Bobst Africa Middle East Group, Heidelberg and Ghoss International, 4MK, Casino Group, as well as the Institute for Packaging and Printing Tectus, a member of WPO, represented by our Izvorka Jurić.


We thank the Tectus Institute and the World Packaging Organization for the opportunity to present at this conference.

Photo by PACKTEC, L. Jurić