Izvorka Jurić speaker at First Round

Izvorka Jurić is one of the speakers at UnderConsideration First Round Amsterdam, which will be held this June

First Round is a one-day presentation of original design presentations to clients, which show conceptual design solutions for logo, identity, and branding projects.

Unlike other First Round presentations where all speakers are local, Amsterdam will host 6 local and 6 international speakers from all over Europe.

Among the lecturers are representatives of the relevant design studios of today’s design scene: Studio Dumbar, Thonik, D8, Lava, Beau Colin Studio and Giada Tamborrino Studio from Amsterdam and Tarek Atrissi Design from Barcelona, Bedow from Stockholm, Kokoro & Moi from Helsinki, Bond from Helsinki, Studio Eduardo Aires from Porto, and Design Bureau Izvorka Jurić from Zagreb.

At the First Round, speakers – local to the city where it is held – share the presentation process by showing the original PDF/Keynote/PPT file with which they first presented a series of design solutions (or a single conceptual design solution) to the client.

The goal of the event is to provide attendees with ideas, techniques and confidence to improve their own presentation skills so that as many designers as possible can do the best they can for their clients, as well as to highlight that design is actually a process, and that few projects are fully developed in the first round.

“To our surprise, the bonus value that occurred was that the designers shared the strategy and research that usually precedes the first round of design solutions, providing additional insight into how different designers approach the design process. The reactions from the participants and lecturers were extremely positive and we are delighted to be able to provide this rare insight into the processes and thoughts of many designers.” – say Bryony and Armin, co-founders UnderConsideration.

UnderConsideration are also behind well-known design blogs Brand New and Art of the Menu.

Speakers at First Round Amsterdam:

Graham Sturt, D8, Amsterdam

Merijn van Velsen, Studio Dumbar, Amsterdam

Thomas Widdershoven, Thonik, Amsterdam

Anton Lamberg & Frank Smolenaers, Lava, Amsterdam

Giada Tamborrino, Giada Tamborrino Studio, Amsterdam

Beau Colin, Beau Colin Studio, Amsterdam

Tarek Atrissi, Tarek Atrissi Design, Barcelona

Martin Mohr & Jesper Bange, BOND, Helsinki

Perniclas Bedow, Bedow, Stockholm

Antti Hinkula, Kokoro & Moi, Helsinki

Eduardo Aires, Studio Eduardo Aires, Porto

Izvorka Jurić, Design Bureau Izvorka Jurić, Zagreb

Registration is open until June 14.

Photo by First Round