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Izvorka Jurić

creative and art director / designer / educator

Having obtained her degree at School of Design at the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Zagreb, she co-founded TRIDVAJEDAN creative agency with her two partners. Ever since, she worked as managing partner and designer, art director and creative and art director.

Since 2011 she has worked independently on various projects related to design and design education. She has collaborated intensively with small and medium enterprises, helping them develop their products for the Croatian and global markets.

Her 20 years of experience with various visual communication projects, numerous professional awards and recognitions and design education projects can be seen as a confirmation of her professional status.

Years of experience in lecturing and conducting professional workshops. She has taught and mentored various groups, including educational projects for elementary schools, training for future designers / design students, training in design and product development for professionals from various fields and for businessmen. TED x speaker.

Her educational activities include: mentoring in the Design Program at the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Zagreb; teaching and mentoring at the Agora University College; teaching and mentoring in the Design Program at the Faculty of Graphic Arts of the University of Zagreb. She launched and led the project “Dizajnerska početnica” (“Design for Beginners”) for two years – a workshop organized by the Croatian Designers Association.

Very active professionally. Member of the Croatian Designer Association since 2001, including two years as its Vice-president. Member of OPA Association for Promotion of Visual Culture and Croatian Association of Independent Professionals. Member of expert juries at events like Festo, Sudnji dan, CroPak, RegPak, HDD Jury etc. She is an occasional contributor of specialized design and visual communication magazines.

Won numerous national and international awards and recognitions, the most important ones being: Red Dot, Pentawards, ED-Awards, WorldStar, nominated for President’s Award, BEDA European Design Award, Creativity Gold Award, Eurobest, ADI New Designer Award, CroPak, RegPak, D&AD, Cresta International… In 2008, the Art and Design Institute of China Academy of Art (ADI) classified her among 9 most successful young designers of the world, granting her ADI New Designer Award.