New wonders from Bee’s Magic natural pharmacy

After the success of the first product, Bee’s Magic Propolis Ointment, two new products from the API Therapy line have been launched

After conceptualizing and implementing the verbal communication, visual identity, and packaging design for Bee’s Magic Propolis Ointment, we have also designed the packaging for two new products from this brand: Bee’s Magic Royal Jelly with Angelica and Bee’s Magic APILIFE for immunity.


A unique combination of queen bee products: royal jelly and angelica root extract, a plant whose beneficial properties have been mentioned in medieval pharmacopeias. Royal jelly, this precious treasure from the beehive rich in vitamins, minerals, trace elements, and amino acids, is produced by young bees and used to feed the queen to ensure her longevity and fertility. Therefore, ancient Greeks believed that royal jelly was an ingredient in ambrosia – the food of the gods.

BEE’S MAGIC APILIFE for immunity

Original APILIFE preparation is an excellent combination of flower pollen and propolis in a base of pure meadow honey. It is a complex bee product that, in addition to carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, mineral salts, and vitamins, also contains valuable oligo-elements – as many as 22 out of the total 24 found in human blood. This powerful natural booster is ideal for use not only in winter but throughout the entire year.

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