Panel “Love Story of Design and Business: Design Management”

At the international scientific conference “Creative Future Insights 2021”, our Izvorka Jurić participated in the panel on design management

The International Scientific Conference “Creative Future Insights 2021” was held at VERN’ University, in which two panel discussions and presentations of scientific and professional papers were held.

The panel entitled “Love Story of Design and Business: Design Management” was attended by assistant professor Izvorka Jurić (leader of the “Design Management” course at the graduate study of Design Studies at the Faculty of Architecture, University of Zagreb), Marko Pavlović (OBLO), and Nikola Radeljković (NUMEN), who concluded that design management has an increasingly important role in the economy and society and represents one of the most dynamic and prosperous sub-sectors of the creative industries.

Since the goal of the conference was to raise awareness of the importance of creative industries and to provide an academic contribution to the development of this sector in Croatia, experts from the academic and business community presented their scientific and professional papers from a wide range of creative industries, from culture, media and politics, to economics and technological sector.

The international scientific conference “Creative Future Insights 2021 – Creative Industries and Experience Economy” was jointly organized by VERN University and the Institute of Economics in Zagreb, in partnership with the Croatian Cluster of Creative and Cultural Industries, the Friedrich Ebert Foundation and the Museum of Contemporary Art.

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Photo by Sveučilište VERN’