Pentawards Silver Award and Pentawards Certificate of excellence won!

Happy and proud! At this year’s global Pentawards design competition, we won the Pentawards Silver Award and the Pentawards Certificate of excellence

The team of Design Bureau Izvorka Jurić won the Pentawards Silver Award in the food category for Brachia KIDS olive oil and the Pentawards Certificate of Excellence in the category of luxury products for product design and packaging of the “Cross” medal of the Croatian Monetary Institute.

In its 14th year of this prestigious packaging design competition, the Pentawards received more than 2,000 entries from 60 countries on five continents, with the UK, Spain, Russia, and China winning the most awards.

Top winning agencies include Backbone Branding, Shenzhen Lingyun Creative Packaging Design, Depot Branding Agency, Xiaomi, and Anthem.

Pentawards is a leading global network of experts dedicated to promoting, showcasing, and rewarding global packaging design. The eminent annual competition, in which the international jury awards the Pentawards awards for the world’s best packaging, is considered one of the most significant in this field.

It is a great success in this global competition to be shortlisted, so we are extremely proud and happy to be present this year with as many as two projects, and we are especially glad that we won the award with Brachia KIDS, a product that promotes Croatian olive oil and healthy nutrition of children.

Brachia KIDS olive oil

Brachia KIDS is the first Croatian olive oil intended for children of kindergarten and primary school age, i.e. parents who understand the medicinal properties and great nutritional value of olive oil and want to introduce it into their children’s diet. The goal of the Brachia brand is to set the direction for positive changes in children’s nutrition with this product.

The body of the glass bottle is partially encased in a box which, together with the black top of the bottle, forms the shape of a crayon, and inside there are 6 crayons. When opening the box, a fun coloring book with illustrations of trees and olive leaves and various tasks for children is revealed.

Olive oil nourishes the body, and the brain teasers and coloring book on the packaging – nourish the brain. Together they form a complete product for healthy child development.

The team behind the project

Client: Brachia p.z.
Project manager: Leopold Botteri

Design studio: Design Bureau Izvorka Jurić
Creative and art direction: Izvorka Jurić
Verbal communication, design, illustration, animation and product photography: Jurica Kos
Arranged photo: Maja Danica Pecanić

View the entire project here.

“Cross” medal of the Croatian Monetary Institute

The basis of the project is the design of recognizable packaging that is suitable for various commemorative coins and special product lines of the Croatian Mint, which gives the product added value and brings these traditional products closer to a wider and younger audience, not just collectors.

The solution is a presentation gift box, because this type of product is mostly given at celebrations and is often proudly shown to all the guests present.

The “Cross” medal is a commemorative coin, a gift for various Christian occasions (baptism, first communion, etc.).

The regular edition of this product combines the techniques of offset and folio printing, while the special Limited Series is executed in the technique of etching and folio printing. The limited series consists of 40 signed box covers with a reproduction of an etching made by an academic graphic artist. With this limited edition reproduction, each box becomes a unique piece of art and thus the packaging itself becomes an exhibit of special value, and not just a “wrapper” for the occasion gift it carries.

The team behind the project

Client: Croatian Monetary Institute
Project manager: Ela Genc

Design studio: Design Bureau Izvorka Jurić
Creative and art direction, packaging design: Izvorka Jurić
Design of the “Cross” coin: Marko Koržinek
Illustration / graphics “Cross”: Izvorka Jurić, Jurica Kos
Reproduction of graphics – etching “Cross”: Ph.D. art. Valentina Šuljić
Production manager: Natalija Najjar
Photo: Jurica Kos

View the entire project here.