BITE Zagreb

product identity / packaging

BITE Zagreb is the first product in the line of BITE ART artistic cookies destination souvenirs. This line of promotion will represent major Croatian tourist cities with products such as BITE Split, BITE Pula, BITE Zadar, etc. Each city from this line will be represented through a custom-made illustration created in collaboration with Croatian illustrators living or working in the cities the product represents.

The motifs are connected to the story of Zagreb – a story about culture, architecture, museums, food, parks, customs, and people. The selected illustration style is closely related to the idea of ​​the product and the presentation of Zagreb in the BITE ART way. BITE Zagreb is the result of the collaboration of project author Ana Šerić, designer Izvorka Jurić, and illustrator Tea Jurišić.

When opening the package, the bottom of the box dissolves into a “bowl” holding biscuits, with an illustration of a Zagreb saucer. This packaging encourages the traditional Croatian gingerbread with Zagreb motifs to be served and tasted in the company of family and friends.



Creative team

  • Izvorka Jurić (creative and art direction, design), Tea Jurišić (illustration), Jurica Kos (presentation photography)
Awards and honors

finalist in the Graphic Design category ZGDW Award
Zagreb Design Week, 2023, Croatia

finalist in the Design category IdejaX Best of Ad-Making
2023, Croatia

featured project on Behance – Packaging
2023, International