Croatian Mint’s “A Day” medals product design

product design / packaging

The task was to design a product line of gifts medals for the Croatian Monetary Institute, for occasions such as weddings, births, graduations, holy confirmation… and other key events in our lives. The project also involved the design of individual product lines, overall communication, and the design of packaging that fits various gift medals, giving them added value and making them attractive to a wider audience, not just collectors.

The creative concept is based on the traditional and poetic story of “A Day to Remember”, presented in a contemporary and subtle manner. Symbols of individual events, such as coupled wedding rings or dove’s wings, are integrated into a graphically stylized cross-section of a tree ring. The tree rings or growth rings are a symbol of life, they mark a precise moment in time. As important events are recorded forever in our memories, moments in time are marked in the rings of the tree.

The design of the medal merges with the graphic on the display stand on the packaging, making the packaging an inseparable part and a complete gift product. The front of the medal is a contemporary interpretation of a motif that represents an important moment in life whose 3D form emerges from the lines of the tree rings that pass through the medal. The back of the medal is intended for personalization. The design uses a contrast of glossy and matte surfaces and subtle engraved structures.

The messages on the products are: “A day given to the spirit. For the day of your holy confirmation deserves to be remembered” and “A day woven with love. For the day of your wedding deserves to be remembered.” In this way, the packaging itself becomes the primary message-teller of the important day in life, not just a “wrapper” for the gift medal it holds within.


  • Croatian Monetary Institute

Creative team

  • Izvorka Jurić (creative and art direction, packaging design), Ana Banic Göttlicher (creative idea), Ana Banic Göttlicher and Izvorka Jurić (coin design), Igor Poturić (verbal communication), Marko Koržinek (design collaborator), Jurica Kos (design collaborator, photography), Natalija Najjar (production manager)
Awards and honors

featured project on Behance – Packaging design
2020, International