Croatian Mint’s Contour Necktie packaging

product identity / packaging design

The basis of the project is packaging design applicable to various commemorative medals, different products, and product lines of the Croatian Mint giving the product added value and communicating to a broader audience, not just collectors.

The solution is a display gift box since presents like this are mainly given at celebrations and often proudly shown to all guests.

The first Croatian numismatic euro coin, Contour Necktie, consists of two coins made from precious metals – silver and gold. Nikola Vudrag, Bachelor of Arts, author of the coin, depicted Croatian soldiers who fought under the French flag in the Thirty Years’ War in the 17th century. They wore a scarf around the neck, known today as a cravat.

The product packaging is an homage to this iconic cultural and fashion item. The hardboard case is covered in a dark blue suit and wears a red tie composed of the letters of the word kravata (Croatian for necktie). The paper has a texture of fabric, and the tie is made in red-patterned holographic foil.


  • Croatian Mint

Creative team

  • Izvorka Jurić, Jurica Kos (creative direction), Izvorka Jurić (art direction), Jurica Kos (design), Natalija Najjar (production manager), Jurica Kos (presentation photo)
Awards and honors

finalist in the Graphic Design category ZGDW Award
Zagreb Design Week, 2023, Croatia