Croatian Mint’s “Dalmatian dog” coins packaging design

product identity / packaging

The task was to design a recognizable packaging suitable for various commemorative medals, gold and silver coins, and special product lines for the Croatian Mint. giving them added value and making them attractive to a wider audience, not just collectors.

The solution is a presentation gift box. This type of product is mainly handed out at celebrations and is often proudly presented to all guests. The packaging is a papier-mâché box, featuring visible silver or gold details, depending on whether it holds a gold or silver coin. The part of the box with the coin is designed as a Croatian square, i.e., the entire inner base of the box is a red cube carrying the product.

A gold coin and a silver coin with a motif of a Dalmatian dog are the first coins of the Croatian Mint minted as colored coins issued in extremely limited series – a gold coin in a series of only 101 pieces, and a silver coin in a series of 500 pieces.

Dalmatian dog is the first coin from the series “Autochthonous Croatia” which will represent coins with the figures of Croatian indigenous animals. In 1994, the International Canine Federation (FCI – Fédération Cynologique Internationale) recognized the Dalmatian as an indigenous Croatian breed. In his conceptual design, the designer of the coin, Nikola Vudrag, BA in Art, combined the recognizable features of this breed and parts of the map of the Republic of Croatia. The spots typical for a Dalmatian breed are designed in the shape of Croatian islands.

The spots of a Dalmatian from the coin are the primary visual motif of the packaging in combination with the logo of the “Autochthonous Croatia” series, with which the letter signs are organized as the Croatian chessboard.


  • Croatian Mint

Creative team

  • Izvorka Jurić (design), Jurica Kos (product photography)