Croatian Mint’s “Independence Anniversary” coins sets product design


The packaging design of the gold and silver set for the 30th anniversary of the independence of the Republic of Croatia is a combination of natural, national, and monetary values of Croatia. It is inspired by secret wooden boxes for storing things of great value.

The main Croatian monetary institutions, the Croatian National Bank, and the state mint, the Croatian Monetary Institute, have issued this limited series of numismatic sets of commemorative gold and silver coins with motifs of nine denominations of Croatian currency. Since in a few years after issuing this set the official Croatian currency will be the euro, these numismatic sets will be valuable collector’s items and memories of the long-standing Croatian currency – the “kuna”.

The packaging for the gold set, a limited series of 30 pieces, is a “Croatian cube”, a monumental object that radiates strength and importance, intended for display in a visible place like a sculpture. The cube, a three-dimensional version of the Croatian heraldic element of the square, is made of oak and olive, valuable trees also found on the denominations of Croatian coins. The gold denominations in capsules are housed inside a checkerboard packaging of stand-alone oak and olive pedestals that can be pulled out for an impressive presentation.

The silver set, a limited series of 300 pieces, is a version of the “Croatian cuboid”. It is a luxurious wooden box for fine storage and an elegant presentation. The cuboid is made of oak, and the denominations in capsules are placed inside the checkerboard packaging made of linden – Croatian lipa, which is also the name for the one-hundredth subunit of the kuna.


  • Croatian Monetary Institute

Creative team

  • Jelena Gvozdanović, Izvorka Jurić (design), Jurica Kos (photography)
Awards and honors

finalist ZGDW Award 2022
Zagreb Design Week, 2022, Croatia