Fjori Fôra organic herbs line

verbal communication / visual identity / packaging / promotional materials

Fjori Fôra is the result of a challenging and comprehensive rebranding project which set a new brand strategy and brand architecture of the complex product group. The new name was created together with other verbal communication, the group’s visual identity, and the packaging identity and design of individual product lines.
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The Ćurin family places natural products on the market, and organic herbs are one of the product lines. The organic spice line is communicated with the slogan Good herbs from good hands, emphasizing the notion of human touch and the fact that plants are hand-picked and processed in a traditional way.

Fjori Fôra organic herbs and spice mixes are primarily aimed at the younger people who want to use domestic Croatian products; who are aware of the importance of organic herbs in a healthy diet, and who also want a functional and attractive addition to their kitchens.


  • ĆURIN - agricultural crafts and trade

Creative team

  • Izvorka Juric (creative and art direction), Igor Poturic (verbal communication), Izvorka Juric, Jurica Kos (design), Jurica Kos, Marijo Franic (illustration), Natalija Najjar (production manager), Jurica Kos (photography)
Awards and honors

published in book Pregled hrvatskog dizajna 21/22
Croatian Designers Society, 2022, Croatia

part of “Exhibition of Croatian Design 21/22”
Croatian Designers Society, 2022, Croatia

silver IdejaX Best of Ad-Making award in the Design category
2022, IdejaX, Croatia