Next Level Naturals

naming / product identity / packaging

Next Level Naturals brand operates internationally in b2b sales with a product group of new food ingredients. Such as proteins based on hemp or faba beans, tapioca, or rice-based starches, and accompanying ingredients like sweeteners, etc.

The brand name describes the next, higher level of agricultural products – innovative food for the future. As this brand takes us to “the next level”, the concept of the brand identity illustrates the process that raises us to the next steps in the green food categories. A modular logo system has been defined for the long brand name to enable abbreviated versions for use in digital media.

The group comprises 40 products packaged in different shapes and sizes, the most common of which is a 25 kg paper bag, organized into 3 product lines – proteins, starches, and accompanying products, with a plan to expand the number of products in the future.

Considering a large product group, a typographic approach was chosen when setting up the packaging design system. Bold, strong typography – a contemporary approach with a humanist sans serifs Diurnal that provides superb legibility at all sizes. The identity of the product group is built with brand design, product naming system, and color coding for distinguishing the lines.


  • Planture Loop, NL

Creative team

  • Izvorka Jurić (creative and art direction), Igor Poturić (naming), Jurica Kos (design)
Awards and honors

published in book Pregled hrvatskog dizajna 21/22
Croatian Designers Society, 2022, Croatia

part of “Exhibition of Croatian Design 21/22”
Croatian Designers Society, 2022, Croatia