Petkult dog food rebranding

rebranding / product identity / packaging design

Petkult is a super-premium brand of dog food established in the EU market. The new communication, branding, and packaging redesign represent a fresh perspective on the brand’s existing elements, ensuring consumer awareness.

The overall objective was to redefine several brand elements in an attractive and eye-catching packaging design that aligns with the contemporary design standards of this product category.

The overarching brand message, “Everlasting bond”, is incorporated in the images from the core spiral element of the brand identity. These images reflect the intended purpose of the food regarding the dog’s age and size, emphasizing the close bond between dogs and humans. In the Probiotic functional product subline, we emphasize vitality with illustrations of an active lifestyle through shared outdoor activities.

A clear information hierarchy, divided into four segments, was established due to the complex product line structure – sublines, flavors, age, size, and the new pictogram system.


  • Pet Network International

Creative team

  • Izvorka Jurić, Jurica Kos (creative direction), Izvorka Jurić (art direction), Jelena Gvozdanović, Izvorka Jurić, Jurica Kos (design), Ivan Križan (illustration), Jurica Kos (presentation photo), Nino Dolenc, Žarko Kuvalja (presentation video)
Awards and honors

IdejaX Silver Award Best of Packaging – Large circulation
2024, Croatia