RAFF film festival

verbal communication / identity / brand animation / promotional materials

RAFF (Rab Film Festival) is a festival of Investigative Fiction and Documentary films, conceived as a new platform for filmmakers, artists, and journalists with the need to address topics of public interest. It is a manifestation that is taking over the festival niche, which is not yet sufficiently recognized, and thus becomes the first and only festival of its kind in the wider region. RAFF Festival Director is an award-winning journalist and documentary filmmaker Robert Tomic Zuber.

The focus of the RAFF festival is on intriguing titles that carry elements of exploration of current global and local issues and phenomena.

The basis of the festival’s identity is the filmstrip as a document, record, and basis of traditional values that suggest true investigative journalism. The RAFF filmstrip marks and highlights what is important to pay attention to. RAFF typography was designed and implemented as a film perforation.

Identity is designed modularly, where RAFF filmstrip marks material elements, information, photos, or environmental elements. Other elements of identity also follow the distinctive iconography of the film. The basis of identity is black and white, and the primary tone scale is based on blue and orange which are related to the island of Rab’s identity and film colors.


  • Rab Film Festival

Creative team

  • Izvorka Jurić (creative and art direction), Igor Poturić (verbal communication), Jurica Kos (design, brand animation, case photography), Silvia Jonjić and Izvorka Jurić (award design), Natalija Najjar (production manager), Rab Film Festival (festival photography)
Awards and honors

published in the Type scene book
Gaatii Publishing, 2022, International

published in Pregled hrvatskog dizajna 19/20 book 
Croatian Designers Society, 2020, Croatia

part of “Exhibition of Croatian Design 19/20”
Croatian Designers Society, 2020, Croatia

published on World Brand Design Society
2020, International