RUSTICAN branding

verbal communication / identity / branding / packaging / print / POS materials / web pages

RUSTICAN and RUSTICAT are private trademarks in the super-premium subcategory of dog and cat food. The project includes creating of the brand identity and designing the packaging for the entire product line (bagged dry dog food and canned wet dog food), promotional materials for selling points, and web pages.

Brand and product communicate high-quality products from controlled and natural farming, with high nutritional value. Core brand values: homemade, natural, energy, health, rustic – back to the roots, quality – the highest quality ingredients.

The communication of rich taste and high biological value ingredients is told through the association with the preparation of fresh natural supplies in a domestic environment – a wooden desk in the countryside.

The holistic approach and wholesome nutrition of RUSTICAN dog food are represented through the central composition and circular shapes. The aim is to set up a different approach compared to existing products in Europe with an emphasis on ingredients (meat, natural food) and wood (rustic, homemade).

A combination of elements is based on a blend of traditional values and a modern approach whereby the identity presents a contemporary product of superior traditional quality. Added functional values of the product are highlighted through the information on the packaging – in the form of pictograms and text.

Strong visibility at the point of sale is achieved by the use of natural materials – wood and the impact of the packaging design and color coding.  The primary identity colors in earth tones (brown, beige) and the secondary color scheme follows the established coding of the extensions for the dog and cat food category. The packaging design has taken into account the great importance of highlighting the bottom and sides of the bags at the point of sale.

Promotion relies on linking the impact of the quality of food and the quality of life. RUSTICAN dog food is presented through stories about dogs in action and the concrete benefits that this food brings to them. The web website communicates previously mentioned brand values, benefits for dogs and their life, quality ingredients, holistic approach to food preparation, and RUSTICAN products with all recipes in detail.


  • Pet Centar d.o.o.

Creative team

  • Izvorka Jurić (idea, art direction, design), Maja Danica Pečanić (food photography), Tamara Ganoci Frisch (food stylist), Mladen Šarić (food photography postproduction), Maja Šarić (pictogram design), Jelena Gvozdanović, Stela Kovačić, Ivan Goran Žunar (design execution), Jelena Gvozdanović (DTP), Stela Kovačić (photography postproduction, digital presentation and product photography), Matija Tolić (web development)
Awards and honors

published in a special issue of Favorite Design
2019, International
published on The Dieline
2018., International
award of the day at Favourite Design
2016, International