Published in “The Package Design Book 6”

In the book “The Package Design Book 6,” the Brachia KIDS project has been published

We received a beautiful and substantial book, “The Package Design Book 6,” in which the Brachia KIDS project has been featured. With over 500 projects from more than 45 countries worldwide, the sixth edition of TASCHEN’s “The Package Design Book” celebrates the 14th anniversary of Pentawards, one of the most important international packaging competitions.

The book highlights all the winners of the Pentawards competition from 2019 and 2020. Along with awards in six main categories – Beverages, Food, Body, Luxury, Other Markets, and Packaging Concepts – this spectacular and inspiring collection showcases a series of unusual, intelligent, and charming packaging concepts, once again demonstrating the importance of this design discipline.

“The Pentawards showcase designs worldwide, highlighting the best innovations in packaging design from all four corners of the planet.” – Adam Ryan, Head of Pentawards.