Sampé Gin at Dieline’s 2024 trend report exhibit – The Future Unboxed

Sampé Gin at exhibit that brings to life the latest trends from the industry’s infamous DIELINE’s 2024 Trend Report at LUXE PACK Los Angeles 2024

“The Future Unboxed” is a captivating educational exhibit that brings to life the latest trends from the industry’s infamous DIELINE’s 2024 Trend Report. This exhibition offers a hands-on experience, allowing visitors to explore the forefront of design, branding, and packaging. It showcases innovative concepts and emerging ideas, highlighting key themes such as the impact of social media on trend forecasting and new approaches in packaging design.

Attendees will witness groundbreaking packaging solutions, fresh branding strategies, and the integration of technology in design. The exhibit is a dynamic journey into the evolving world of creative design, offering a glimpse into the industry’s future.

Photo by Dieline.

Sampé Gin is in the selection of the “Ribbed for our pleasure” category.

In the description of the category and trend, among other things, it says: “There’s nothing more quietly luxurious than ribbed glass. More than just making shelf impact, the ribbed detailing often turns these vessels into a keepsake. In turn, this means no longer tossing packaging after a single use but repurposing it—heck, go ahead and put some flowers in em’.”

And also: “The intricate ridges also provide a tactile experience that engages consumers’ senses before they try the product. Beyond simply elevating the design, the textured or embossed glass becomes a memorable receptacle that lives rent-free in their heads.”

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