Summer in the Fjori Fôra garden

Visit Fjori Fôra garden, a botanical educational-interactive garden of wild plants on the island of Hvar

If your journey takes you to the island of Hvar, do not miss visiting the Fjori Fôra garden in the village of Gdinj. In cooperation with master of agronomy and garden designer Kristina Lazaneo, Željka and Stjepko Ćurin turned a plot of 2,500 m2 into a functional plant oasis that offers numerous interesting facts about the wild flora of the island of Hvar.

They point out about the Fjora Fôra garden:

Based on the study of facts about the rich biodiversity of the island of Hvar, its climatic characteristics, and numerous historical records about the coexistence of the local population with plants, the concept of the garden boils down to an educational-interactive familiarization of visitors with the appearance of individual island plants with an emphasis on their useful value. The possibilities and values that individual plant organs provide for people’s enjoyment are numerous. We are familiar with these benefits through our traditional commitment to the island’s nature translated into the Fjori Fôra brand, which literally means “flowers of Hvar”.

The plot of the garden has kept its original form of regular geometric division into smaller fields by old dry walls. Such a linear concept was retained even through the creation of today’s appearance of the garden. Over 80 different plant species were sorted through the fields into high square wooden beds or were planted directly on the plot. Cultivating the wilderness is a long-term process of transferring seeds, cuttings and adult wild plants from different parts of the island of Hvar to the flower beds that adorn 6 fields, and each field and each plant tells its own story.

The circular direction of movement through the garden is conceived as a circular flow of vegetation. Passing through 6 different fields, you reach the rest area, which is a place for tasting and presentation of Fjori Fôra products, from where you return to the beginning of the plot. The plant species that you encounter during the circular walk change in appearance from month to month. Every year, the garden rotates its circular course of dynamic presence and absence of certain plant organs and offers the visitor the possibility of visiting throughout the year.

Various accompanying elements in the garden, events and workshops, as well as garden tour packages, are educational and interactive in nature.

Location of the garden: Gdinj village, Jelsa municipality, Hvar island.
Landscape architect: Kristina Lazaneo.

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Photo by Fjori Fôra