TEAM STRENGTHENING / Ana Banić Göttlicher

The new member of the Design Bureau Izvorka Jurić team, Ana Banić Gottlicher, has been active in the field of design for 15 years, both as a product designer and as a visual communications designer

Ana’s rich experience, versatility, and knowledge gained through practical work in interdisciplinary teams and with marketing agencies are important additions to our studio.

Ana recently received the award from the Croatian Designers Society, HDD 1718, for product design, for the ELEN Leaf project, realized in collaboration with Maša Vukmanović and Ivan Galić.

Ana values projects in the field of total design the most, where she can participate in the design process from the initial idea, through product execution and production supervision, to finalization. She enjoys experimenting with the combination of graphics and products in one project, and in her work, she often explores optical illusions, experimental forms, and formats, as well as printing techniques and production. She has received numerous domestic and international professional awards, and her works are continuously exhibited at professional exhibitions in Croatia and abroad, with about 40 exhibitions, publications, recognitions, and awards behind her.

We look forward to new total design projects with Ana on the team!