The Design Bureau has a new identity

Design Bureau Izvorka Jurić has a new identity designed by our colleague and collaborator Marko Koržinek

In recent years, Design Bureau Izvorka Jurić has gathered a larger number of professional collaborators and undertaken increasingly demanding projects, making a redesign that reflects the new strength of the bureau a logical step.

The new identity was designed by our colleague and collaborator Marko Koržinek. The idea for collaborating on the redesign of the bureau emerged during cooperation on other projects and thus became a joint endeavor.

The new materials of the bureau are in production, and we will gradually present them in the coming months. Now, we bring you a part of the redesign process.

“The rebranding of Design Bureau Izvorka Jurić emerged as an evolutionary step, although it visually appears somewhat revolutionary. The previous identity, dominated by an exceptionally long logo with relatively neutral typography, was primarily identified as informational. This was logical as it originated at a time when it was necessary to “inform” that the studio was organized around the design personality of Izvorka Jurić, then a freshly independent designer.

As the phase of establishing the studio in the design market is now in the past and the primary “informativeness” is no longer crucial, it has given way to a stronger communication of the studio’s personality, i.e., its business character. The initial simplicity has not been lost but, on the contrary, has been further emphasized.

The new visual identity is dominated by a very distinctive symbol with the same function as the previous logo – identifying Izvorka Jurić as the key person in the studio. It is formed from the initials “IJ” drawn based on an extremely contrasting and elegant typeface in a composition reminiscent of the silhouette of a shield – an archetypal form that preceded the development of what we now call visual identity design through heraldry. It very simply communicates the character of the studio. With its contrast (black-and-white combination), it indicates that there are no compromises in terms of quality and dedication and that each project and client is approached with equal seriousness and responsibility. The elegance of the shapes created based on letterforms suggests skill and attention to detail, which can be easily observed in all the projects the studio has realized.

The logo is designed in a typeface that was the basis for the development of the symbol, and they are thus highly interconnected even though their relationships are not rigidly defined. On the contrary, the visual identity is open to different combinations of the symbol and logo, allowing adaptation of elements to specific applications and their communication potential. This represents a principle precisely opposite to the mainstream, which is exactly what Design Bureau Izvorka Jurić embodies in its work.” – explained Marko Koržinek, the designer of the new identity.

Marko Koržinek graduated from the Design Department of the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Zagreb. Since 1997, he has been running his studio for graphic design and visual communication – Koržinekdizajn, and has realized numerous projects in Croatia and the region, working with clients of various profiles and sizes – from small family businesses to international corporations. After completing his studies, he became involved in teaching. With occasional interruptions, he has worked at several higher education institutions, teaching courses related to various disciplines of Visual Communication Design. He is currently employed as an associate professor at the Academy of Applied Arts of the University of Rijeka, holding the position of the head of the Department of Applied Arts.

Photographs of the process: Jurica Kos / Portrait photography: Siniša Uštulica, Hotel photographers