WOLDA gold and bronze!

At this year’s WOLDA international design competition, we won gold and bronze

At this year’s international design competition WOLDA 2020, we won the gold award for the Nutris sign and logo design and the bronze award for the Pet Network Group sign and logo design.

WOLDA (Worldwide Logo Design Award) is an international competition for the design of signs, logos, identity, and stationery, and is awarded in six categories: new sign/logo design, sign/logo redesign, animated sign/logo design, sound sign, corporate identity and for sign/logo design in the context of packaging.

Works from as many as 30 countries were submitted to the 11th WOLDA competition, and this year’s international jury consists of distinguished designers from Hungary, Denmark, Germany, Japan, Australia, the USA and Brazil. The members of the judging panel state that they were guided by the criteria that the sign or logo must reflect an original and relevant idea, clearly communicate the identity of the company or organization, and promote excellence in design.

The NUTRIS group operates in the field of agricultural production with two companies – Nutris.farm, which provides agricultural logistics and distribution services, and Nutris.tech, which produces and sells raw materials that are primarily used in food production. Identity opens up the possibility of expansion through new entities of the group. Nutris is the primary information, and the extensions (tech, farm, etc.) are secondary information in the name of the company. Through the mutation of the sign, the area of activity of the company is additionally communicated.


The team behind the project

Client: Nutris d.o.o.
Design studio: Design Bureau Izvorka Jurić
Creative and art direction: Izvorka Jurić
Verbal communication: Igor Poturić
Design: Izvorka Jurić, Marko Mikičić
Production manager: Natalija Najjar
Photo: Jurica Kos

Pet Network is a group of companies from several EU countries. They are brought together in the mission of caring for pets and marketing products and services for pets. They mostly address investors and the business world (landlords, traders, suppliers…), but due to the topic they deal with, the client wanted to show a cheerful, playful, and warm side. The identity is therefore designed in a modular way – some materials are more serious, and some are more relaxed by adding animal illustrations to a sign made up of the initial letters of the group’s name – P and N.


The team behind the project

Client: Pet Network International
Design studio: Design Bureau Izvorka Jurić
Design, illustration and verbal communication: Izvorka Jurić

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The full announcement of the finalists and awarded signs and logos is expected at the beginning of 2021 on www.wolda.org and through the WOLDA printed edition.