ZDL 3D leaflet on The Dieline blog

The 3D deplijan we designed for the architectural studio ZDL has been featured on The Dieline blog, one of the leading global platforms in the field of packaging design

Thank you, Chloe Gordon, for this excellent review: Creating a 3D leaflet for an architecture tour seems almost too perfect. The design Creative Director Izvorka Juric and Graphic Designer Jurica Kos made for ZDL architectural studio’s “Architect-tour” event is a puzzle-inspired leaflet that helps bring the event to life. Essentially, the design is packaging for QR codes, and while entirely over the top, I’m also obsessed, to put it lightly.

The leaflet is conceived as an architectural puzzle – three separate 3D objects that, by scanning the QR code inside them, represent three projects of the studio and eventually come together to form a complete object that is secured with an elastic band.

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More about the ZDL 3D leaflet project.

You can view The Dieline here.